Alexandra Romanova

Born 30.04.1993 in Moscow.

Started playing tennis at 7.

Since the age of 7,5 was trained by Sergey Pashkov, who set her technique. He trained her until she was 12.

She spent 4 summers in Sanchez-Casal academy in Barcelona between the ages 9-12.

On weekends between the ages 7-12 she was trained in Zhukovsk by Alekesy Rakov. Together with her father he set her attacking style.

Until 12 she was mostly trained individually.

Since the age of 14 she stays in Germany.

In childhood, she played 5-6 tournaments in Moscow every year.

In Russia she has won tournaments in all age categories: 10 and younger, 12 and younger.

In Spain she has won tournaments in 10, 12 and 14 year age categories.

In Germany, being 12-13 herself, she has won about 15 tournaments in 14, 16 and 18 year old age categories.

She won 6 tournaments in 21-year olds and adults before she was 15.

She is between the first hundred in 21-year olds in germany.

Since 2008 (aged 15) plays ITF adult tournaments

In october 2008 she entered the WTA rating.

Interests: Music, fashion, books, friends, play slot games at